fire pit

For those cool Autumn and Winter nights, an in ground or raised fire pit can be the perfect solution to add warmth, while acting as a central focal point for your outdoor living space.

Use stone or brick to outline the exterior and choose either modern lounge furniture, or timber benches or logs for a more rustic appeal. Nothing says cool Queensland nights quite like gathering around the fire pit!

framed garden beds

Natural garden beds offer so much variety, whether it be for decorative purposes or growing your own organic fruit and veggies.

Use wooden frames or stone to section off each garden patch for a certain aesthetic appeal.

climbing vines

Escape the city in your own backyard by adding natural features such as vine arches over a rustic stone pathway or use climbing vines to decorate the external walls of your home.

Add seasonal flowers or colourful perennials to create that english country look, providing the perfect reprieve from city life.

natural water features

Water features can be a great way to visually promote and enhance the natural elements in your landscape, while also attracting local wildlife.

From ponds or waterfalls to simple water troughs, the opportunities are endless. If you like getting to know your local birds, why not add in a bird feeder?